Spira International

- Huntington Beach, California

Spira International Engineering and Technical Consulting

Spira International is a team of trained and experienced consultants offering expertise in a number of specific areas of interest to the business professional. Take a moment to browse through our specialities and see how we can help you.

Engineering Consulting

Jeff Spira and our team of consultants has experience in designing products for such critical applications as aircraft and spacecraft, nuclear power, oilfield surface and down-hole applications, automobile, truck and vehicle control systems, and many marine applications. We have experience in fluid power, bearings, sealing, structural, power transmission, and dynamic motion products. We are also adept at converting products from one material to another including substituting traditional metal parts with plastics and composites.

Special machine design has been an integral part of Spira International's capabilities, including automating a processes, perform any manufacturing task, faster, more accurately, more safely, and more consistently. Investing in an automated system is a money saver.

International Management System Consulting

Whether you need a Quality Management System, a Laboratory Management System, Environmental, Health and Safety, Business Continuity, or Informations System Management and Security, we have assisted companies of many sizes, from singel person operations, to multi-thousand employee operations in Quality Management Systems (including aerospace, medical device, automotive, and laboratory,) buisness continuity management systems, information security management systems, environmental management systems, responsible recycling management systems, and occupational health and safety systems. We've also assisted in bringing food, cosmetic, and drug systems up to the required FDA and GMP management Systems

Other Business and Management Consulting Services

In addition to other services, we also can provide our industrial clients with patent patent writing and filing assistance, business writing of technical and marketing materials, and internet marketing of products and services oriented to the industrial client. We can also supply Startup and Turnaround Consulting and are willing to serve on the boards of companies to provide additional management services. Please see the Spira International website for additional information